Welcome to my blog ~For Heart and Home~. Thank you to my dear friend Linda from New York who took the pictures I sent her and made this beautiful banner for me. I visualized what I wanted it to look like and she made it happen. That is my sister and I as youngsters and yes, that is the home I grew up in during the 40's and 50's. Right about now, you are all probably saying, my goodness she is old. I am vintage, just like fine old lace. Thank you also to my good friend Debbi, from Oregon who answered questions non stop while I was trying to navigate the workings of the blog world. What is so wonderful is that friendships can reach across the miles and even tho we have never seen each other in person - through the wonders of the computer, we have developed that bond. Also, a big thank you to my good friend Mona also from New York, who often helps me after I have totally screwed something up on the computer. I feel very Blessed to have you all as my friends. Thank you and I hope everyone enjoys my blog. I know I will.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Mondays Alphabet W and X

My entry into this Mondays Alphabet W is a vintage Whimsey with little mink tails. I am still looking for a vintage treasure with an X - if I come up with one I will add it.

Saturday, November 20, 2010


Today I would like to share with you the Birds Nest Hats. They were basically round circles of various fabrics with an open crown. Most had veils attached. They were a type of whimsy as well because there really wasn't too much to them. Another example of fashion on a whim. Once again all of these hats are in my Etsy store if anyone is interested. The link is in the previous post.

Friday, November 19, 2010


I have recently been listing a bunch of vintage hats in my Etsy shop - I have some from my mother in law, my mother and an aunt who recently passed away. To be honest I actually do miss wearing a hat to church on Sunday. Easter Sunday in particular was a big deal - you matched up a special new outfit with hat and gloves - even a handbag sometimes. Growing up as kids every Easter we went to an aunt and uncles in Chicago for Easter - my mother sewed beautifully and would make my sister and I new outfits and then we would get a new hat. We felt so grown up.

Anyway - you will have to pardon me here as I digress. As I was taking pictures of all the hats I came across the whimsies or is it whimseys. It really doesn't matter as you know what I mean. In my growing up years it was a sign of respect and modesty to cover the head and wear a hat to church. Now how did the whimsy fit into this - most just had a veil with a few little doo dads - maybe a flower or two. Just for the fun of it I will show you some of the really neat whimsies I have for sale on my etsy site. I really feel that they got the name whimsey because it was fashion on a whim. Tomorrow I will show you the birds nest hats.